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3D Foil Business Cards

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Raised gold or silver print and a choice of finish make these cards stand out from the crowd.

For a truly luxurious feel our Gold or Silver 3D Foil business cards really do add a touch of elegance to your brand presence. With raised gold or silver foiling for your logo and a choice of matt or soft-touch finish, these cards will set your company as a class apart.

For double-sided Foil business cards please supply your artwork as a 4-page PDF. Page 1 is the front of the artwork, page 2 is the back of the artwork, page 3 is the Foil artwork for the front and page 4 is blank. The Foil artwork should contain solid black shapes in the exact position where the Foil is required.

If you are printing a one-sided document, then a 2-page PDF is required where page 1 is the design and page 2 is the Foil artwork. Please ensure Foil artwork is 100% black only and does not contain any cyan, magenta or yellow.

Please note: Foil application has registration tolerances of approximately ±0.5 mm. It is not therefore recommended that small text (10pt minimum) or thin lines (2pt minimum) are foiled as perfect register cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, we advise against representing your foiling within your CMYK artwork. Slight misalignment of the foil could result in lines or 'shadows' of this foil representation being visible on your final product

•    Include 3mm bleed on all sides
•    Supply as a CMYK PDF, preferably in PDF/x1a format
•    Outline or embed fonts
•    300dpi resolution
•    We recommend that any foil is at least 3mm from the trim edge to achieve the best results.
•    Vector foil graphics will produce better results than bitmaps. Bitmap foil graphics should be supplied in 300 dpi for best quality results.
•    The minimum font size is 10pt and line weights should be at least 2pt.
•    Serif fonts are advised against as the serifs may contain elements that are not 2pt in thickness. 

Email print@theprinters.co.uk for support. 

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