What is the purpose of business stationery?

If you run your own business, you’ve almost certainly found yourself in a situation – at some point or another – when you’ve considered whether or not to invest in branded business stationery.

For that matter, even if you are an employee as opposed to a small business owner, you may be in a professional role where you are involved in a discussion about whether or not to invest in purpose-designed business stationery.

With more and more of the professional landscape migrating to the Internet, it may seem unclear why a business would choose to invest in business stationery anymore.

Here’s a closer look at the purpose of business stationery, and some of the benefits that can come from using branded stationery in a professional context.

To create a professional impression

First things first: one thing that is very important for every business, more or less, is to establish and maintain a general professional “aura” and impression in the minds of prospective customers and members of the general public at large.

Ultimately, “looking professional” is by no means just a matter of vanity, but is actually something that can be very instrumental in helping to establish yourself as a trustworthy and serious provider of professional goods and services, in the eyes of your would-be customer base.

Increasingly today, there are more and more companies out there who have a very light presence, and who can be difficult to get a handle on. A traditional sense of professionalism – and even just signs that the company in question is serious about branding – can help to establish your credentials as a real player in the field.

And yes, business stationery can certainly help to achieve this – whether items of business stationery are sent out as a free gift along with marketing packages, or are just present in office space when potential clients walk through the door.

To craft a strong brand identity, and differentiate you from your competitors

In order to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and ensure that they put their best foot forward, every company needs to work to craft a strong brand identity and a unified set of visual and other cues that help to create a clear impression of who they are.

Crafting a strong brand identity can – and should – involve many different channels, ranging from things like digital marketing materials, to physical branded items ranging from things like stationary to items of clothing, and anything else that may be appropriate.

For the practical use of business stationery (and how this can be a marketing asset)

When all is said and done, stationery is always useful. From time to time, everyone needs a pen to write with, or a piece of paper to jot some ideas down on – and if those stationery items happen to include your company logo or letterhead, all the better.

In fact, it’s largely because of the fact that business stationery can be so useful, that it can also be a very significant marketing asset.

After all, if a prospective customer has a pen with your website and brand emblazoned on it, and they need to use a pen from time to time, they will likely keep being reminded about your business.


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