How do you price a brochure design?

The design industry is fiercely competitive, with a plethora of talented individuals capable of producing stunning designs. Designing a brochure is hard, skilled work for pros in the field, but how can you price a brochure design in a competitive yet fair manner?

Here you will find factors and pointers that will enable you to determine the brochure design price appropriately.

Your expertise

Your skill set and level of expertise are important factors to consider.  A designer with five years of expertise is unlikely to charge as much as one with fifteen or twenty years of experience. 

The client’s approach

Whatever other factors are taken into account, there will always be a client interested in the lowest number on the quotation. 

Consider this: are you providing your services in a consultative manner, generating concepts before design? If you do, you’ll be adding a human touch that online stores won’t. 

It’s critical to assess the client’s willingness to pay as well as their financial capability. Clients who require your services will appreciate the service offering as a whole; those who do not will be ruled solely by cost and final product only. 

The brochure itself

Obtain as much information on the project as possible to quote the brochure design price accurately.  

  • How many pages are required? 
  • Is there already material, or are you expected to come up with the words as well?
  • What style of brochure is required; a 4 or 8-page document, a gate-fold, or a tri-fold, for example? 
  • Is the client clear on how they want it printed? A saddle-stitched brochure, for example, must have a page count that is divisible by four.
  • Is there high-resolution imagery being supplied, or are their specific required fonts?
  • Who is the client’s target audience – corporate, clinical, fun etc.?

Your overheads

You must consider what your own costs are. How much is your office space, utilities and equipment, for example? Are you expected to travel for any meetings?

The main consideration is that you don’t want to underprice yourself to where you’re not generating any money.

Communicate openly 

When it comes to relationship management and professional partnerships, the more open you are to speaking with your customer, the better understanding you will both have, which can only be a good thing.

Why do they require a brochure design price – are they simply wondering, or is there an impending event? Is there a tight deadline for the final product? Value is determined by need.

Ask the client about their budget. You can determine how to approach the project, whether it’s possible at that figure, or if you’re able to suggest an alternative solution. 

There is no such thing as a conventional brochure design price because each project is different. However, if you work smartly and factor in the points raised in this post, you will be competitive, fair, and stand head and shoulders above others in the field by working together with your client.